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The box: completed

2008-01-28 13:18:32 by sirbackup

yeah, completed it, it turned out to have 7 scenes, but maybe some day I´ll create the box 2.
Well, go check it from my submissions list.

Frontpage weirdness

2008-01-26 15:53:03 by sirbackup

what´s going on here at newgrounds? last times flashes without awards have get to up frontpage without any reason, and now couple weeks/months old "mastermind" gets back to frontpage...
tom, don´t you have time to really check award winning flashes and put them to frontpage, or are you just randomly picking some random flashes whose just passed "under the judgement" -stage?.

Oh, and I havent get done with the box yet, I´ve been waaaaay too busy last days, I´ve done 5 scenes and already planned 3 more, trying animate couple scenes tomorrow. well, that´s all, sir backup out.

Project: the box

2008-01-22 14:30:34 by sirbackup

Got an project going on, it´s about the man who get oftenly killed by the box.
I´ll animate 10 scene´s and I´ve already done 4 scenes, 5 is almost done. Also main menu and all that stuff is ready. So, I could say it´s about 50 % done right now though I probably animate some hidden scenes. It´s probably done next weekend.

.com sites

2008-01-07 14:39:42 by sirbackup

wooo got them up: %20TES.swf


2007-12-26 05:21:13 by sirbackup

New images and stuff... 1.21.2008 is TES birthday, and we´re getting probably .com sites and 40k flash, maybe guiz game also, it got 3-6 guestion class, couple of them is geology, games and history, maybe more, and every class have 40 guestions... and I´ll submit it, well, when its done...

Portal game is bigger project than I thought and expected, there´s no way it´s done untill 1.21.2008.

So, that´s all so far, sir backup out.

Much offline

2007-12-09 12:25:12 by sirbackup

yes I have, but I got many plans for a future, a game is coming sometimes, so is series, but I wont tell much about it, only I can say is that I´ve planned and writet head thing for at least 5 episodes, but I got little problems for that what I put charachters say...

Anyways, I´ll create something sometimes soon, or little later. I´ll submit introductions for my series when It´s done, I got a lot of to do before that, well, at least at christmas holidays I got much time to be at computer and animate...

Well, sir backup out

effort for explosion collab

2007-11-04 06:43:47 by sirbackup

You can see it from here: ge=sirbackupexplosioncollajb1.swf

I think it´s maybe best collaboration part so far...

effort for explosion collab

10 days

2007-10-24 12:03:59 by sirbackup

10 days to create something to explosion collab, im expecting my part to be done in 2-3 days, but currently im working with short called "Angry bot", its gonna be some half or one minute short and It will be out tomorrow.
It will Remaind "stones" in it´s randomness, dont sure will this have sticks though, sticks are little too used in my animations... well, sir backup out.

Tau fire warrior firing

2007-10-07 08:21:31 by sirbackup

Here´s the pic, tau fire warrior firing, hope you like.

Tau fire warrior firing

here again

2007-10-01 04:29:56 by sirbackup

now played couple days halo 3 so now im back to work with my flash animations, right now got 2 current project, this week I´ll work with warhammer 40k - fall of the arctarus II, next week halo 3 team slayer tribute, so It`ll take some time to finish both of them. Im pretty sure that today I´ll got some new pics about warhammer 40k - fall of the arctarus II.

I´ll change at necrons to tau empire, so you`ll definately see marines and tau empire fighting, maybe also some eldar war walkers joining to battle between marines and tau empire through eldar warp portals. Dunno, I´ll plan 40k FOTA II in this week and create some battling. I+ll try to create it some 2 min, normal from me. That halo 3 ts will only be some 1 min maybe, so it might be done after 2 weeks and map where it´s based is narrows, you should know the mapif u had played halo 3.

So, that was all so far, I´ll edit this post later today and put some pics about this 40k FOTA ii.
Untill then, sir backup out.

EDIT: well, I forgot put it to here, but pic will be here today... or tomorrow ;P