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2007-10-01 04:29:56 by sirbackup

now played couple days halo 3 so now im back to work with my flash animations, right now got 2 current project, this week I´ll work with warhammer 40k - fall of the arctarus II, next week halo 3 team slayer tribute, so It`ll take some time to finish both of them. Im pretty sure that today I´ll got some new pics about warhammer 40k - fall of the arctarus II.

I´ll change at necrons to tau empire, so you`ll definately see marines and tau empire fighting, maybe also some eldar war walkers joining to battle between marines and tau empire through eldar warp portals. Dunno, I´ll plan 40k FOTA II in this week and create some battling. I+ll try to create it some 2 min, normal from me. That halo 3 ts will only be some 1 min maybe, so it might be done after 2 weeks and map where it´s based is narrows, you should know the mapif u had played halo 3.

So, that was all so far, I´ll edit this post later today and put some pics about this 40k FOTA ii.
Untill then, sir backup out.

EDIT: well, I forgot put it to here, but pic will be here today... or tomorrow ;P


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