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2007-09-25 06:24:31 by sirbackup

Tomorrow it comes!! I´ve seriously waited this almost 3-4 years now! (dont remember when halo 2 came out).
But unfortunately I have to tell that there´s no way I´ll make it to create that halo 3 TS tribute, so I´ll be done at least before next week, so I´ll create it longer and but more effort on it. And other reason why I wont make it, is that beta´s maps (valhalla, high grounds and snowbounds) are little too hard to draw and large, so I´ll check some small enough map, maybe something like lockouts what seems good.

Also that means I have enough time to draw all weps at h3, some vehicles and plan animation, which means It will be much better and longer than it would have been If I would have created it in 4 days. Instead of 4 days I´ll waste this and next weeks time, that time when I dont play HALO 3 ;D !!

Whoa this was long post... well, I apreciate if you really readed all this!

4 days untill halo 3

2007-09-22 10:10:29 by sirbackup

Yeah, it´s 4 days more, I have waited this... 5 years now???
That means I gotta create some short animation about that!
I have now two days created charachters and weapons, animating starts tomorrow.

So yeah, Im going to create about 1-2 minute long animation about warhammer 40k, created by games workshop.

Here´s pic:
40K - Fall Of The Arctarus II - pic from starting

Hope you like, this might will be short one cause its my first non-stick flash.


2007-08-07 08:52:07 by sirbackup


2 days + 2 days

2007-07-26 12:01:31 by sirbackup

ok, heres the situation: I think I need this weekend more to finish assassin XV. after animating whole weekend im ready. I promise.

3 days!

2007-07-25 11:21:08 by sirbackup

Im freakin out.... I might have to get one extra day. dunno, lets see how this project finishing is going on.

5 days left...

2007-07-23 12:42:18 by sirbackup

5 days left and im freakin out.
im animatins this assassin XV like I would have 100 per hour for it. just gotta have it done to next friday.

Army of two

2007-07-22 03:29:48 by sirbackup

6 days left and im here to tell you one of my new plans. After assassin XV I´ve almost decided to animate "army of two" madness -style animation where is two killers as you might notice from name. It´s not like krinkels madness characters, I will create my own.
EDIT: pic is logo of coming army of two.

Army of two

7 days left...

2007-07-21 09:42:47 by sirbackup

...Untill assassin XV. Dont expect too about graphics, most of project time went to planning. But im sure you´ll enjoy it. It will starts slow, but after while the main action begins.
Pic is from part of assassin XV where the main action (slow motion and all that crazy stuff) begins.
Assassin XV WILL continue sometime, but higher the score is, faster I´ll start making episode 2.

7 days left...